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in_the_garage's Journal

nerdy obsessions
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in the garage you can feel safe. no one will laugh about your ways. this community is created for people like me. it is a place for people to gather, talk, and feel safe about their obsessions and/or crushes on things that would be deemed "nerdy." this is a fan community to celebrate the hot men in such things as harry potter, lord of the rings, star wars, and x-men. this, i hope, will become a place where people can swap stories, exchange fantasies, or celebrate the hot ass on wolverine. the only stipulation is your topics have to be about the foresaid items. this is mainly geared towards drooling over the male of the species but of course there are the exceptions of girly crushes, such as wanting to be herimone because she is so great! thank you. i hope people enjoy and join this community! =^.^=